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All Weather Rubber Bands for Your Outdoor Applications

Aero’s All Weather-Long Life Rubber Bands Stand Up to the Harshest Outdoor Environments


Operations in your facility generally don’t stop simply because of changes in the weather. You and your employees adapt so you can work as efficiently as possible in all types of weather conditions and working environments. That’s what you need to do to stay competitive in your industry. Aero’s all weather rubber bands will give you an edge.

When it comes to receiving goods, shipping items out or arranging for materials to be stored at your facilities, Aero’s line of rubber band products can help you save time and money in a number of different ways. However, you need a rubber band system in place that can deal with all types of environments. That’s why Aero’s All Weather-Long Life bands are so popular with our customers.

All Weather-Long Life bands are ideal for use in the outdoors as well as in your warehouse or factory and are designed to resist exposure to weather conditions and certain chemical environments.

These Bands can withstand a wide temperature range from -60°F to +300°f. In addition, they are resistant to deterioration from most chemical acids, alkalines, glycols, ketones, esters and detergents. Aero’s All Weather-Long Life Bands ARE NOT recommended for use with hydrocarbon solvents or other petroleum based products.

Benefits of Using Aero’s All Weather-Long Life Bands

You may have already heard about Long Life bands from business colleagues but are unfamiliar with their wide range of uses. Keep in mind that in addition to the many standard sizes that Aero offers them in, your business can order custom sized All Weather-Long Life bands to meet your particular requirements.

Aero’s All Weather-Long Life Bands:

  • Are Perfect for outdoor weather applications
  • Are Resistant to the Ultraviolet rays of the Sun and Ozone
  • Do not trap moisture
  • Can be Sized to handle big jobs
  • Are More economical than twine or strapping
  • Are Reusable
  • Eliminate the need for expensive application equipment and its maintenance
  • Are manufactured from a Specially Formulated EPDM Compound
  • Are available in Many Standard Sizes
  • Are available for same day shipment from Aero’s Large inventory
  • Rubber requires no special disposal costs
  • Won’t lose their elasticity

Aero All Weather-Long Life bands are a low-cost, easy-to-use solution that will definitely boost efficiency at your business. For more information on the wide range of uses for rubber All Weather-Long Life bands or to arrange for the team at Aero Rubber to customize bands for you, please contact us today @ (800) 662-1009 or visit us at

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