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Aero Clear Bands

For Applications Where Seeing Less Serves You Better!

Unlike a standard colored rubber band, Aero Clear Bands give your bundled items a more discreet appearance. If you don’t want to alter the look of a product or other item after securing it, Aero Clear Bands are your best option. These small rubber bands are sometimes considered as clear elastic bands or transparent rubber bands.

Transparency means you have a non-distracting way to keep items bundled up and secure. This is often the best approach, whether the items being gathered are going to be seen by customers prior to sale or if you are just moving inventory in your store or warehouse.

Aero Rubber is a One-stop Shop for all Rubber Banding Needs

When it comes to providing strong, reusable rubber band products, Aero Rubber is an industry leader. We have a thorough understanding of the properties of the various types of elastic materials and each of our sales engineers has an average of 15 years of experience in the field. Their expertise and guidance will help you quickly find the most appropriate Clear Bands in our inventory.

Here are some of the many benefits of using Aero Rubber’s Clear Bands:

  • Applicable to a Wide Variety of Uses
  • Unobtrusive appearance
  • Great way to bundle items
  • Flexible and highly stretchable
  • Large inventory available
  • Easy to use, Reusable, and Low Cost
  • High Quality Product


If you have little or no experience in selecting a clear band for your business, you might not be sure which size you will need. While all rubber bands can stretch to accommodate items, you still want to order bands that are in the correct size range to get the best results. You can rest assured that the professionally trained rubber sales engineers at Aero Rubber can assist you in making your decision. For details or to place an order, please contact Aero Rubber today.

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