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Aero’s Custom Formulated “Freezer” Pallet Bands For Applications in the Coldest Conditions

Aero’s Custom Formulated “Freezer” Pallet Bands for Applications in the Coldest Conditions

Freezer Pallet BandsCompanies that rely on large freezers, cold storage and blast chilling facilities in their supply chain have unique requirements for securing pallet loads within their facilities. In such cases, a Pallet Band that is capable of standing up to extremely low temperatures on a repeated and long duration basis is required. Choosing the right Pallet Bands for your business is not a process to be taken lightly. That’s where Aero Rubber comes in.
Conventional rubber bands intended for securing pallets are inadequate for use in frigid environments. The rubber will quickly lose its elasticity and fall off the pallet load, which means your employees will waste time searching for a new band when the old one can no longer do its job. Why not use a Pallet Band that has been specially formulated for use in the refrigerated or frozen areas of your operations? Again, that’s where Aero Rubber comes in.

Look no Further! Aero’s Specially Formulated Freezer Pallet Bands are the answer.

Consider the Benefits of Aero’s Freezer Pallet Bands.

  • freezer pallet band usageAero Pallet Bands are Specially formulated for cold storage, freezer applications and blast chilling
  • Allow for increased airflow for faster freezing
  • Won’t trap heat or moisture
  • Reduce condensation
  • Won’t lose their elasticity when used in cooler/freezer applications
  • Are colored Blue to help differentiate from All Weather-Long Life (Black) & Standard (Green) pallet bands
  • Are Reusable over and over
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Reduce landfill and disposal costs (Think Green!)
  • Stabilization of most loads can be achieved with just one or two properly sized bands per pallet
  • Multiple pallet bands can be used to meet unique load requirements
  • Single employee application requires no additional equipment
  • Reduce pallet wrap and tape costs
  • Won’t tear box surfaces or obscure bar codes or marking. Tape can tear box surfaces, ruining the aesthetics or worse, destroying important information such as product descriptions or bar codes.
  • Are available in standard and custom sizes to meet your specific needs

It’s clear that using Aero Freezer Bands will improve efficiency in your facility. Saving time and money on labor costs for each pallet that your employees secure, move and store will help your overall efficiency and aid in your efforts to surpass the competition. For more information on the benefits of Aero Freezer Bands, please call Aero Rubber today @ (800) 662-1009.

Aero Rubber also offers Outdoor Pallet Bands which are resistant to UV and ozone.

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