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Aero’s Specially Formulated Outdoor Pallet Bands Reduce Pallet Wrap Costs for Your Outdoor Applications

Outdoor PalletBandsIf you move and store items outdoors where they’re exposed to the sun and ozone, standard formulation rubber bands won’t work. They will degrade and fail in a relatively short period of time. Aero has the solution for your outdoor Pallet Band needs. Aero’s outdoor Pallet Bands are made using a rubber compound that we have specially formulated for outdoor applications. Our UV Resistant Outdoor Pallet Bands will stand up to the punishing rays of the sun and won’t break down when exposed to ozone.

Now is the time to call Aero Rubber @ (800) 662-1009. Aero is devoted to developing the highest quality rubber products for a variety of industries and/or applications.

Why Should My Business Be Using Rubber Outdoor Pallet Bands from Aero Rubber?

As the owner/operator or facilities manager at your firm, you need to know that the products you purchase will provide you with the best return on your investment, while getting the job done correctly.

There are many “types” of rubber. All for a given application and environment, not just any rubber will do.

Aero’s Outdoor Pallet Bands are:

  • Ozone and UV resistant EPDM
  • Perfect for outdoor and weather resistant exposure.
  • Black in color to help differentiate from other pallet bands (Warehouse Pallet Bands are green; and Freezer Pallet Bands are blue).

Did You Know that…

  • Aero’s Outdoor Pallet Bands are Reusable.
  • Stabilization for most loads can be achieved with just one or two properly sized bands.
  • Multiple Pallet Bands can be used to meet unique load requirements.
  • Pallet Bands are easily applied by a Single Employee.
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Reduce landfill and disposal costs
  • Reduce your dependence on shrink wrap, stretch wrap, plastic film, tapes and twine
  • No additional tools or expensive machinery to buy or maintain
  • Pallet Bands don’t trap in unwanted moisture, unlike plastic wraps.
  • Pallet Bands won’t tear or damage container surfaces or obscure bar codes.

Aero’s Pallet Bands are available in Standard and Custom sizes to meet your specific needs.

Aero Rubber has developed a reputation in the industry for providing only the highest quality rubber products for our many loyal customers. For more details on our outdoor rubber band products, including Outdoor Pallet Bands and how they can repeatedly stand up to the harsh external environment, please contact Aero Rubber today @ (800) 662-1009.

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