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Rubber Bands

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A Complete Selection of Sizes, Colors and Types

Aero Rubber Co., Inc. offers the most comprehensive selection of bulk rubber bands to be found anywhere. We carry a complete line of rubber bands for your business. With 12 standard colors and multiple sizes of bands you’re sure to find one that fits. Explore our complete line of rubber bands for warehouses, offices, and businesses of all types.

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If you don’t see the product you need, give us a call us at (800) 662-1009. We are a custom rubber manufacturer and can fabricate the bands you need in accordance with your specifications.

Rubber Band Sizes

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Using the correct size band for your application is important, which is why we offer rubber bands from very small to very large. For a full list of sizes available see our rubber band size chart. Spacer or Washer DimensionsConfused about how to measure a rubber band? Learn how to measure a rubber band today.

[icon name=”icon-money”]   Help your business get more for your money. Bulk discounts and a $200 minimum ensure that we can pass on savings to you.


Types of Rubber Bands

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Available Colors

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Stationery rubber bands are offered in 12 standard colors. They are black, white, blue, cyan, green, lime, yellow, orange, red, maroon, pink, and purple. However, if those don’t fit your needs we also have clear rubber bands and custom colors available.

Why You Should “Take Rubber Bands Seriously”

  • Aero’s Industrial Bands Will Reduce Your Operating Costs;
  • Increase Employee Productivity, and;
  • Natural Rubber is Biodegradable, making it an Environmentally Friendly material.

5 Compelling Reasons to Discuss Your Rubber Banding Needs with Our Sales Engineers

[icon_list icon_style=”colored big_icons icon_borders” font_size=”default_size” item_width=”1″] [icon_list_line icon=”icon-users”]All Rubber Bands are not created equal! We will discuss your requirements after you explain your application or need.[/icon_list_line] [icon_list_line icon=”icon-chat”]We can advise you of the best material and right band size needed to get your job done right the first time [/icon_list_line][icon_list_line icon=”icon-scissors”]Custom cut and sized bands available to suit your needs.[/icon_list_line] [icon_list_line icon=”icon-money”]Understanding your application(s), we will provide you with a competitive quote.[/icon_list_line][icon_list_line icon=”icon-calendar”]Need it fast? The depth of our inventory means we can say “We Have It In Stock” to our customers a lot more than our competitors. Our sales teams specialize in helping to solve your problems.[/icon_list_line][/icon_list]

“We Have the Rubber Bands You Need in Stock.”

Call (800) 662-1009 or contact Aero today!

Don’t forget to check out Aero’s line of Printed Advertising Bands and Custom Wristbands. These bands are great for advertising, fundraising, labeling and a whole host of other applications limited only by your imagination.

Common Terms

When talking about rubber bands you’ll see many common terms. We’re here to help you sift through those and stretch your rubber knowledge.

How Rubber is Made

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The formula for a particular rubber band is the compound. The compound will determine the feel and the stretch of the rubber band. While we have a standard unique compound for our stock rubber bands a custom compound can be used based on your needs.


Measure of the hardness.


Synthetic rubber compound which provides superior properties for outdoor and all-weather temperature applications because of its excellent resistance to ozone, oxidants and severe weather conditions.



The ability of a rubber band to return to its original shape after being stretched, to within a few percent.


For uses where allergic reactions to latex protiens are possible, a synthetic polyisoprene formula is used in place of natural rubber. 

Tensile Set

The extent to which a rubber band does not return to its original shape after being stretched and held in that position for a given period of time.

Tensile Strength

Shows how much force the rubber material can withstand before breaking. This is commonly expressed as pounds per inch at the breaking point of a particular rubber band.


Ordering Terms

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Custom Bands

Any band that varies from our stock bands. Custom bands can include bands in custom colors, unique sizes, varied wall thickness, imprinted and different formulations.


The extension or stretch of a rubber band. Ultimate elongation is when the rubber band stretches to the point of failure.

Yield/Count per Pound

The number of rubber bands per pound.


Size Considerations

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Cut Width

When the band is laying flat measured across the band at a right angle to the flat length.

Flat Length

Pinch the two ends of the band together and lay on a flat surface. The measurement from end to end equals the flat length. (If you were to cut one end of the band and unfold it, the flat length would be approximately half the overall length)


The allowable variance from the specified dimension.


Refers to the thickness of the wall of the extruded rubber tube and the difference between the inner and outer diameter.


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